Facebook failed to remove hate speech

Facebook is having a tough time handling the hate speech. Recently, a user informed the Facebook official about a hateful anti-Muslim post on the social media website, the company sent her a message thanking her for helping them, the BBC reported.

"We removed both the group and all its posts, including the one you reported," the Facebook official told her.

However, the post and the group remained intact. Now, Facebook is blaming technical glitch in its system that moderate harmful content on its network.

"We are investigating this issue, and will share more information as soon as we can," the company told the BBC.

According to the Facebook, it appears that the glitch sends a message automatically once the user reports them about a hate.

There are several posts and groups which were reported by the user, but stayed up, one of them was a group, named: "LARGEST GROUP EVER! We need 10000000 members to Make America Great Again."

This group has more than 50,000 members and there are around 800 posts every day. The posts contains hateful anti-Muslim and anti-immigration rhetoric images and video.

"[Facebook] has been promoting themselves in my Newsfeed saying they are trying to keep our democracy safe by eliminating content that is false and divisive," Janet told the BBC.

"If they are sending me notices they removed the content and offensive groups but in reality are not, doesn't this go against what they say in public or to Congress?"

The BBC informed the company about the issue, but the firm has not released any kind of explanation. 
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