New details about the hacker group Lurk

This week in Yekaterinburg began two trials over the members of the hacker group Lurk. Earlier, group leaders admitted to intervening in the US Presidential Campaign of 2016 and hacking Hillary Clinton's email.

It turned out that the case has 585 volumes and 24 people are accused of it. According to investigators, the group was organized by the programmer from Ekaterinburg Konstantin Kozlovsky and Vladimir Grizan. They formulated an action plan in December 2013 and began actively recruiting assistants via the Internet. As a result, a hierarchically structure was formed.

The investigation said that the theft of hacker group amounted to 1 billion 264 million rubles (19 million dollars). The most successful grouping operation occurred on February 29, 2016. 677.6 million rubles (10 million dollars) were withdrawn from the accounts of the Public Joint Stock Company "Metallinvestbank" with the help of fake details.

According to the indictment, the hackers spent their profits to rent offices in Yekaterinburg and Moscow and to buy the necessary equipment. A member of the hacker group reported that his salary was about $ 2,000 each month. An interesting fact is that he found this “job” by viewing ads on the Internet and he was immediately told that the activity would be "a bit illegal".

One of the organizers Kozlovsky mentions that his curator was the Major of the Federal Security Services (FSB) Dmitry Dokuchaev. In late December last year, the Media reported that Dokuchaev, as well as a number of FSB employees, were under investigation due to a leak of information about attack on servers of the US Democratic Party.

“The group was characterized by stability, organization and solidarity,” said State Prosecutor Shchibrik.
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