Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Lil Mosey Appears To Fires Shots Lil Tecca: "Don't Ever Bring His Name Up"

Lil Mosey's had a pretty good year so far. The rapper released his project Northsbest in 2018 which helped him land a position on the cover of XXL's 2019 Freshman List. The rapper's getting ready to release his forthcoming project Certified Hitmaker on November 8th. Although he hasn't released the tracklist for the project, if there's one person who's likely not on the project, it's Lil Tecca.

Apparently, there's some friction among the newest Lils to get in the rap game. Lil Mosey was on Instagram live when someone asked him if he was going to collaborate with Lil Tecca. While you'd probably expect someone like Mosey to simply skim over the question, he appeared to make his feelings towards Tecca quite clear. "So you said, 'Are you doing a song with Tecca?' Fuck Tecca. Fuck is you sayin'? Don't ever bring his name up in my live one more time," he said in a short clip from his IG live that surfaced online.

While the diss itself seems random, a fan page on Instagram for Lil Mosey may have revealed the root of the issue. Lil Mosey freestyled on his Instagram Live about a "nerd" who "wears glasses" and "stole his rhymes." Now, it's unclear whether that was actually directed at Tecca but considering Mosey's previous statements, it seems likely that it was. 

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