Sunday, November 10, 2019

6LACK Joins Deante' Hitchcock On "How TF" Track

The Southside of Atlanta officially collides with East Atlanta as Deante' Hitchcock and 6LACK connect for the former's newest "How TF" track. 

It marks the first time that the former tour mates (Hitchcock took on the role of the opener on 6LACK East Atlanta Love Letter tour) appear on wax together and it makes for a transparent offering that finds both men baring it all in a wonderous exploration of relationship issues.

For those just joining us, you'll find that Hitchcock makes for an appropriate match in echoing the same straightforward and candid directives as 6LACK, proving that the pen still very much works even with the absence of flowery filler.

"My first time meeting 6lack was a minute ago. It was at the Edgewood parking lot, that’s one of the music spots in Atlanta. He didn’t know me. It was like on some artist to fan type shit. That was my first time,” Hitchcock told In The Rough Style earlier this year about his relationship with his 6LACK. “... I knew about him and f-cked with his music, and gradually over time everything just lined up the right way and ended up on tour with him. That shit crazy.”

Quotable Lyrics

You know I'm dealing with a million fucking things in my head
You know I need you like the air a nigga breathe but instead of having my back
You'd rather turn your back to me in the bed
You know I
Fuck it, I just need to unwind

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