Kanye West Joins Travis Scott At Astroworld Fest

Saturday marked the comencementofTravis Scott's Astroworldfestival in Houston as he ushered in the festival's second year with a lineup that includes Pharrell andMeganThee Stallion among others.

Travis was tasked with closing things out Saturday night and while running through a typically high-energy set, the Houston rapper called in an assist from Kany eWest. In clips circulating the internet, West broke into a rendition of his most recent "Follow God," found on Jesus Is King and Graduation's "Can't Tell Me Nothing."

While Kanye has been busy supporting Jesus Is King with its companion Sunday Services and Jesus Is King Experience shows, AstroworldFestival marks one of the only other stages that West has graced outside of his own bubble. As for Trav, it marks his first performance since canceling his gig as the headliner at Day N Vegas due to a knee injury.

it was while performing at Rolling Loud New York last month that Scott busted the knee after landing pretty hard from a fall. That night, he would power through the set but made the choice to rest up before offering up the same energy in Houston. Earlier in the day, fans matched their own enthusiasm by storming the gates at the music festival. the end result accounted for several injuries as hundreds of fans hopped barricades and made way for the entrance.

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